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AMR2020 Equipment List

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

So the other day I went for a test ride of my fully loaded bike rig. I had the honor to ride in the company of my good friend Staffan Ekholm who himself is an experienced rider and outdoorsman in the fields of cycling, climbing, kayaking and long distance ice-skating. He also owns and runs a great outdoor adventure business, Stockholms Guidebyrå. Check it out here.

Anyway, what you see below will basically be the final rig, give or take som minor adjustments. Not shown in the picture is the Schmidt Edelux 2 front light and the small Osprey backpack that will supplement my rig (holding a 2L hydration bladder, some food and snacks and other minor essentials). The bike is a Kona Sutra LTD that I got last year as a replacement for my previous gravel bike that got stolen. It is a steel framed bike with great robustness. However, that same robustness obviously costs me a weight penalty of about 2kg compared to lighter bikes. But it is a penalty I have been willing to accept.

The base weight of my rig with bags and equipment is about 19 kg, give or take a little (for weight-logging mistakes).

With consumables and wearables included, I end up with a rig close to 28 kg. I have chosen to carry a lot of my own food, hoping to save time and stomach. In terms of equipment I guess I have chosen comfort and safety over maximum speed. Even tough it is a race, (and I am racing for my best effort and result), I will nevertheless consider myself a winner if I get to experience the landscape for a few days, gain some new perspectives on life, learn a lesson or two, and make some new friends along the way. Anything else will be considered a huge bonus. Below the image is a list of the equipment that will be carried. If you prefer, you can go directly to the list here.

I have tried to include everything in the list, including worn clothes and consumables such as freeze-dried food and water.

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